… And if it was only a question of coordination failures?

As a reminder, since December 2020, the Team of UNDP Cameroon Accelerator Lab has been navigating through its first frontier challenge: improving young people economic inclusion through improved…  

Will drone and artificial intelligence help increase the income of Cameroonian cocoa planters ?

UNDP Cameroon Accelerator Lab recently deployed a field mission to the heart of the Central region of Cameroon. Its objective: help cocoa farmers better control diseases and insects that can generate…  

How a Mapper’s Intentions to dig deep on challenges surrounding Youth and Women Employment was Derailed

Once upon a time, a Solutions Mapper participated in a COVID-19 support mission to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on youth and women in ten communities of the Far-North region of Cameroon.  

Unexpected learnings from a Covid-19 relief program for the Cameroonian labor market

This blog post summarizes Accelerator Cameroon encounters with young Cameroonians and the lessons that were drawn on the functioning of the labor market  

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