UNDP in Cameroon


UNDP support focuses mainly on the creation of inclusive jobs and resilience of the vulnerable to economic, social and environment shocks which are operationalized through four priority thematic areas:

  1. Democratic Governance and social cohesion;
  2. Stabilisation and Prevention of Violent Extremism;
  3. Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Insertion;
  4. Environment, Natural Resources, and Climate Change.


Our results

  • 19.000+: The number of birth Certificates established to assist local population register on electoral list and also completed end of year exams in 2018
  • 150+: The Number of journalists and Law Enforcement Officers trained on the promotion of peaceful electoral processes
  • 3000+: The number of Security Forces trained from 24 African countries to manage peacekeeping and peacebuilding interventions
  • 1950+: The number of households which benefited from income generating activities; Nine local markets, Six Youth centres and two Women Empowerment Centers constructed/rehabilitated in their communities.
  • 11.000+: The number of jobs created through direct assistance to local population, including in the artisanal mining sector
  • 10%: Reduction rate of poaching activities and conservation of endangered species in the Congo Basin Forest


Cameroon’s Development Challenges

  • 4.3million+: Number of people in need of assistance due to three humanitarian crises
  • 78%+: Rate of Under employment
  • 5.6%+: Rate of Unemployment
  • 75,3%: Per centage of population who still use solid fuels (Coal, Charcoal, Wood, Straw etc) for cooking.



Contact us


Postal address:

N° 1232 Immeuble Mellopolis, Rue 1794, Ekoudou, Bastos

PO Box 836 Yaounde – Cameroon


Telephone numbers:

Tel. +237 222 20 08 00/ 01          

Fax: +33 3455-4523


E-mail: registry.cm@undp.org


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